For the first time ever, searching tied with emailing as the No. 1 activity among Internet users, according to Pew Internet & American Life, in a December 2005 survey. Search activity had always been the No. 2 activity, behind email.

Perhaps it's not surprising to see search running neck and neck with email in popularity.

The more digitized our world becomes -- our newspapers, our creations, our profiles, our friends profiles, our friends' friends profiles, our alter ego's profiles, our videos, our pictures, our music, our countless file folders, to-do lists, business calendars, social calendars, directions, etc. -- the more we have to search. And, the more addicted we become to that search box.

As French President Jacques Chirac said last year, in announcing his government's support of a new European search engine effort called Quaero, search technology is "the power of tomorrow."

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