Both Secret Escapes and JustBook count Index Ventures a common investor, with Secret Escapes having raised between $15 million and $20 million and JustBook around €3 million ($4.5 million). But Menden says that this was more of a coincidental rather than deciding factor for the acquisition. The investments were managed by two different Index partners, both of whom were “supportive” of the deal. As with other areas of e-commerce like books, food delivery and design/fashion, travel been undergoing a lot of consolidation, with smaller players coming together to compete better against behemoths like Sabre (which owns Travelocity, among others), Priceline (Kayak, and more) and others in a business that is built around margins that are always under pressure. In the case of Secret Escapes and JustBook, the deal makes a lot of product sense, with Secret Escapes wanting to follow more of JustBook’s mobile-first approach, and JustBook wanting to do more on the web and with flash sales - two areas where Secret Escapes has been most active. Get the full story at TechCrunch