RJ: Hi Zhiling, it’s a pleasure to meet you! Let’s get straight to the question that most hoteliers are probably anxious to have answered: How was your property able to reach number one on TripAdvisor, especially so soon after launching? ZW: We never imagined that we’d reach number one, to be honest! The team worked very hard to deliver excellent service, and we were fortunate enough to receive rave reviews almost immediately, which propelled us to the top at a time when hotels in Singapore were still realizing the importance of online reputation management. We’ve always known that extending very personalized service to all our guests would lead to positive reviews and that would be the key to our success, which is why we have monitored all guest reviews closely since the beginning (and acted on the insights that we discovered) to stay at the top. RJ: So does that mean service is a top priority at WANGZ? ZW: Yes, service is our absolute priority! It’s important for our brand to continue receiving positive reviews to maintain a high level of online visibility and excellent service is the best way to encourage guests to compliment us online. Both of our properties are boutique establishments, so we aim to provide personalized service wherever possible. We’re also constantly trying to improve, which is why we have to make sure service is consistent; if we deliver mediocre service, we’d quickly lose our number one spot. Get the full story at ReviewPro