SECURE-RES, an online marketing service provider for the hospitality industry, reports that $176 million in consumer direct online bookings were generated through its internet booking engine for 2005. The $176 million figure represents a 51.7% increase from 2004 production levels of $116 million.

“SECURE-RES clients are generating an average rate of $146.66 through our booking engine, which is twenty percent higher than industry averages produced by other revenue channels” said Don Bosworth, Vice President of Sales. “In total, 1.2 million room nights were booked online by our clients in 2005.”

Bosworth noted that SECURE-RES sales growth and continued product improvements along with the hospitality industry and the traveling community moving from older and less profitable reservation mediums to the Internet will result in a projected $250 million processed through the Company’s application service in 2006.

Use of the SECURE-RES packaging and booking engine application is charged on a monthly flat-fee basis with no commissions or transactional fees. According to Bosworth, “The high relative profitability generated by reservations through SECURE-RES has prompted our hotel clients to migrate business from other channels into their properties’ website, cutting out the middle man. We see this trend growing as demand and average rate gains continue to stagnate in many markets”.

“We work with our clients to combine our highly profitable reservation systems, custom website design, effective search-engine optimization and pay-per-click ad management and robust reporting to maximize their returns from their Internet marketing investment,” said Bosworth. “Our clients deserve much of the credit for our 51.7% year-to-year production increase as they have become more Internet-savvy and have embraced the potential for their operations.”

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