Today’s travelers are increasingly accustomed to using their smartphones to make their travel experiences better. A typical traveler may order a cab from an app, scan his or her boarding pass on a smartphone at the airport, forgo the counter and head straight to their pre-booked rental car, and then receive alerts to any itinerary changes. It’s simple. It saves time. It works. By the time guests arrive at a hotel, they expect this standard to continue. But, many of these guests are disappointed when the hotel’s digital experience doesn’t measure up. In fact, we found that travelers rate the hotel industry below several other major industries (including banking, retail, airlines and restaurants) when it comes to leveraging smartphone capabilities to enhance their experiences. So, what’s to be done? The “Seeing Returns: Building Loyalty at Hotels through Digital Customer Experience” report surveyed 1,000 travelers across the United States to learn what digital and mobile experiences they are looking for in a hotel stay. The report also looks at differences between hotel stays for business, for leisure and with family. Download the report at MCD (PDF 721 KB)