The hospitality industry is built around the human touch. Though both we and our guests are living ever more of our lives online, hotel websites still exist in that liminal space between the digital and the personal. A hotel room is not bought and sold in quite the same way as a phone, book or TV; it’s bought as part of an experience that’s going to be slightly different for every individual. The more tailored and personal the booking journey, the more confident a guest will be that they’re making the right choice. But personalization is hard. We’ve written before about the amount of work that has to go into effective one-to-one personalization, and the data scale involved is out of reach for most hotels. However, successful one-to-many segmentation is a much more achievable step that can have a significant impact on your online guest experience. So what does this look like on your website? Get the full story at Triptease - Part 1 and Part 2