When you think about how simple it is to fill up an Amazon cart with a million things, big and small, it quickly becomes apparent how we have limited ourselves to just a few options for booking a hotel room. You select a category, a pre-determined assembly of key room features, offered at a price. Distinct views, corner rooms, the high floor, and so many more features that have true value to many guests are relegated to either find their way into such a category – or they can only be given away for free. Adding extra services such as breakfast, or the occasional massage, some even try selling teddy bears, towels, and bathrobes; that is about as creative as we get when it comes to the use of shopping carts. Yet, we want to inspire them – get them excited and delighted. These are not inspiring choices. And, let’s be honest. This way of booking hotel rooms goes against everything that travelers want. Get the full story at hospitalityPulse