Researching, pitching (or buying) and acquiring links continues to be a productive SEO tactic. The reality however, and this will be even more apparent in 2008, is that link building alone is not a winning online marketing strategy. Search marketers need to put themselves in a broader mindset as ?marketers? and leverage promotable content as well as a plan for the ongoing creation of promotable content of a web site on an ongoing basis.

Optimizing content and solving inclusion issues are the first steps. Engaging in an ongoing process of creating, promoting and measuring promotable content with analysis and adjustment is what will enable web sites to be the kind of competitive and in some cases, dominating, search marketing machines they aspire to be. Just like the relationship between rankings and traffic, link building is a by product of web site marketing, not the end goal. Linking is a subset or tactic of overall site promotion and SEO consultants that are limited to link building alone are in for a long road ahead.

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