If you're actively pursuing a working strategy to get more search-referred traffic channeled to your Web site, then you're probably considering launching a major SEO initiative.

Before you send your first requests for proposals or prepare to undertake the project in-house, consider what you're willing - and not willing - to do to improve your site's search engine positioning.

Let's start with the basics that will help determine your path toward building an SEO strategy. The first question you must ask yourself is, what are the business objectives for your Web site? Do you want to increase traffic, increase sales, improve visibility, generate leads, increase yielding pages, or something else?

Before you can set your sights on garnering greater search engine referrals, consider targeting specific areas of your business that can provide demonstrative results.

It's important that you be specific about your online business goals and objectives before you launch a natural search optimization program. It's equally important that you be as specific and realistic as possible.

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