After years of battling over who delivers the fluffiest bed, hoteliers have begun turning their attention to other aspects of the guest experience. We looked at six months of online social reviews for America’s full service hotels. What did we find? With the thread count problem solved, guests have moved on. Service topped the charts as the topic most mentioned in guest reviews, followed closely by facilities and amenities. Guest room comments came in third. What’s even more interesting, five star reviews show an even greater skew towards service comments over other themes. What does all this mean? Even the thickest duvet is not going to make up for an impolite front desk clerk, sloppy housekeeping, or inefficient bell staff. However, guests may be occasionally willing to overlook tired furniture or a frayed carpet if you and your staff have gone out of your way to make the guest feel at home. Remembering a guest’s name, offering a complimentary cocktail, leaving a thoughtful handwritten note and chilled milk for the children in a traveling family – these things go a long way in developing a great service reputation. And once you’ve delivered, your guests will reward you back with a terrific online review. Get the full story at newBrandAnalytics