ReviewPro offers a wealth of data but to start we recommend focusing on a few key performance indicators (KPIs). Set realistic and attainable goals and involve all members of your team in the process. 1. Global Review Index™ (GRI) The industry-standard Global Review Index™ (GRI) is an online reputation score available exclusively to ReviewPro clients, which is used by thousands of hotels worldwide as a benchmark for reputation management efforts.The lower your GRI™, the easier it should be to increase it. For example, if your GRI™ is 60%, by identifying and acting on a few “quick wins” you might see a significant jump over a short period of time. If your current GRI™ is higher, say 71.1%, a reasonable goal might be to reach 75.0% within six months. And if your GRI™ is 90%, attaining even minor incremental improvements will be challenging—a good problem to have! Note that you can record GRI™ goals and timelines on the Scoreboard page of the dashboard by clicking the “Goal” button. Once set, goals will show up in reports for easy reference. Get the full story at ReviewPro