1. Start now: Our Europe Travel Trends Report found that Germans are some of Europe’s earliest travel planners, with an average lead time of 80 days. That means that some of your customers are looking for their spring, and even summer travel, now. Don’t wait until April to engage with your customers, you may miss them! 2. Try something new: From Facebook and YouTube, to dynamic creatives and native formats, there are more ways to engage with in-market travelers than ever before. If your regular display advertising campaigns are driving good results, consider allocating some budget towards learning about new products and how best to make them work for you. 3. Embrace mobile: If your website isn’t optimised for mobile, your customers are likely to leave your site as soon as they arrive. Though most bookings occur on a laptop, research on mobile is rising at impressive rates. If you want to get (and stay!) on the radar of in-market travelers, make sure that your website experience is tailored to their device. Get the full story at Sojern