Here are 7 quick tips to get more reviews at your establishment, whether it’s a luxury 5-star resort, casual bistro or boutique hotel: 1. Make writing a review as easy as possible: Be proactive in encouraging clients to leave reviews. Guest surveys, comment forms and follow-up email links are subtle yet direct methods – make it as easy and as painless for customers as possible. 2. Be present on multiple review sites: Harness social analytics, which provide insight into the most/least used review sources at your hotel, to encourage more reviews on the sites where you would like to gain a deeper presence. 3. Understand your demographics: Does your hotel attract younger or older guests? Perhaps you have a large percentage of, say, Italian, Chinese or Mexican travelers. Understanding your guests’ preferences and demographics will not only enable you to provide a more personalized service, but will also enable your hotel to direct review requests to the right sites. Are your restaurant clients more likely to use Foursquare or TripAdvisor, for example? Find out where your guest demographic feels most comfortable leaving reviews, and direct them there. Get the full story at ReviewPro