Repeat Business Marketing is Easy In most cases, a repeat business strategy can be implemented by a company directly, and without the need for outside consulting. With most repeat business strategies, there are no pages to optimize and no bids or ads to manage. In fact, repeat business strategies can be as simple as calling or emailing a past-customer Repeat Business Marketing is Cheap Most repeat business strategies require very little overhead and can be implemented much cheaper than the cost of those geared towards attracting new customers. Also, as previously mentioned, there is little need for a marketing consultant which has the potential to save quite a bit. Repeat Business Marketing is Targeted Marketing Repeat business strategies provide merchants with the ability to directly engage a large group of extremely targeted buyers – those that have not only shown interest in a company’s products and services, but have also opened up their wallets to purchase said products and services once already. Repeat Business Marketing Removes the Middle-Man Repeat business strategies usually feature one-on-one communication between a company and their customers, and because of this, there is no need for a “middle-man” to facilitate the engagement between the two parties, such as a marketing firm, a search engine listing, or an ad. Get the full story at Search Engine Journal