While it?s easy to put aside geeky exuberance over the latest insanely great technology, it?s impossible to ignore the growing size and scope of Facebook, and the impact it?s having on internet startups and traditional businesses alike. Over half of Facebook?s 43 million users visit every day, spend an average of 20 minutes on the site, and view over 54 billion total page views per month.

In a few short months Facebook has quickly become one of the most impressive user acquisition channels on the web, rivaling SEO & SEM strategies for priority with new startups. Over 60 Facebook applications have more than 1 million total users, and over 40 have at least 100,000 daily users.

With the groundbreaking launch of the Facebook Platform this past spring, and the subsequent runaway growth of Facebook Apps adopted by millions of users this summer, the question on everyone?s lips (including Google and Microsoft) has been: ?So what?s your Facebook strategy??. If you?re still scrambling to figure out yours, read on.

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