“Shangri-La is investing significantly in technology and the future of travel content, which is why we are embracing virtual reality on this scale,” said Steven Taylor, Shangri-La’s chief marketing officer. “VR is a revolutionary new sales tool. The technology has evolved so that it is now affordable, light and portable; virtual reality is on the cusp of becoming more mainstream.” The new VR headsets will enable travel consultants, meeting planners and corporate clients to explore Shangri-La’s hotels, “transporting” them to places such as the rooftop of Jokhang Temple in Lhasa or the grand ballroom in Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong. Travel advisors will then be able to share the 360-degree videos with their customers via shangri-la.com/VR. “Travel experts play a critical role in their fields and the traveller’s decision-making process. This is why our first VR efforts are focused on them. Their clients depend on them to ensure holidays, business trips and meetings are enjoyable and effective. Shangri-La’s VR experiences will enhance their knowledge about our hotels and their ability to sell with confidence to their clients,” Taylor added. Get the full story at Travel Daily Asia