Running until May 2016, #LoyaltyIs will give back to Shangri-La’s faithful guests with new benefits, partnerships and exclusive offers, as well as delving into the concept of loyalty with an influencer campaign. The hotelier’s largest consumer campaign to-date turns consumers themselves into brand ambassadors with a user-generated content contest, allowing them to be part of the story. “‘Loyalty’ is a word that gets thrown around far too easily in the world of luxury hotels and travel,” said Wee Kee Ng, vice president loyalty & partner marketing at Shangri-La Hotels. “If you have a look at the market, the reality is most major chains and airlines have diluted their point values so much that they’re becoming almost meaningless to most members. “Of course, there is still a role for them to play, but we felt that loyalty as a concept that needed to be reframed into something broader – something that could appeal to and be enjoyed by everyone,” he said. Get the full story at Luxury Daily