As perhaps some three billion Asians join the ranks of the global middle-class by the middle of the century and their subsequent purchasing power parity (PPP) rises to similar levels now enjoyed by Europeans – Australia will be impacted economically and culturally – but one of the most fundamental impacts will be on the travel industry – both inbound and outbound. Following our landmark report Shaping the future of travel in Asia Pacific: The big FOUR travel effects which looked at the trends impactingthe travel industry across the Asia Pacific region – I’m happy to formally introduce this Australia specific travel market report. Australia faces a number of challenges in remaining relevant as a travel destination over the next 20 years. Australia has lost share of the Asia Pacific travel market over recent years, as declines in traditional inbound markets such as the UK, USA, Japan, and Korea have not been fully offset by growth from emerging markets. These emerging markets such as China, India, and Indonesia will be the source of most of the growth in travel over the period to 2030, and will dominate traveller numbers by this date, but Australia faces a number of challenges in attracting these travellers against other Asia Pacific destinations. Download the full report at Amadeus (PDF 7.6 MB)