Titled “Where Actions Speak Louder,” the new campaign, which is slated to run through 2017, is designed to boldly communicate ongoing enhancements to the Sheraton guest experience, including new products and partnerships, a renewed focus on service, and an elevated look, feel, and design for the flagship brand of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. According to Adam Aron, chief executive officer of Starwood Hotels & Resorts on an interim basis, “Where Actions Speak Louder” is part of Sheraton 2020, a comprehensive plan to reinvigorate the brand. As Starwood’s largest, most global, and fastest growing high-end brand, Sheraton is a key priority for the company. “We are at the beginning of a five year journey to change both the reality and perception of the Sheraton brand, and we have already made important improvements that guests will increasingly notice when they arrive at our doors,” said Aron. “With this sophisticated new advertising campaign, we intend to turn heads and give consumers a compelling reason to take another look at Sheraton, while keeping this iconic brand on the pedestal it so richly deserves.” Get the full story at Lodging