Traditionally we spend from September to December running around like headless chickens trying to work out which rate we should offer on a blind-bid type scenario that we politely call ‘RFP season’. At the very least we look at production from Company A last year and count room nights and revenue. For most of us, that is as far as we get and we make all of our pricing decisions on those two pieces of information alone. Hotels that focus on revenue will dig a little deeper and look at what days of the week Company A stayed; what their cancellation rate is; which channel they booked through; the cost of delivering their business; incremental spend and importantly, how many nights we denied their business. Denied business is really important as we should evaluate how many nights Company A attempted to stay with us but couldn’t as we were full, but even more importantly is how many nights we denied their business because their rate was too low and we had restricted… Get the full story at Right Revenue