The study polled 180 US restaurant owners and managers and found that one-third offered a loyalty program. Among that group, more than six in 10 said loyalty programs were successful to some extent, vs. fewer than three in 10 who said the opposite. One-third agreed that they were somewhat influential And according to data released by Colloquy in February 2015, restaurant loyalty program memberships skyrocketed in the US between 2012 and 2014, rising 107% to 54.8 million. That puts the industry in first place for growth, well ahead of second-place drugstores (88%), but still in third-to-last place by actual number of members. Other research suggests there’s disconnect in the industry, though, with consumer attitudes indicating that loyalty doesn’t typically come into play when it’s time to chow down. According to February 2015 polling by AlixPartners, just 12% of US adult internet users said loyalty programs influenced their restaurant selections, and more than three in 10 said they weren’t influential at all. Get the full story at eMarketer