Barcelona-based hotel marketing agency Mirai published an interesting series of articles around TripAdvisor’s Instant Booking offering - or as the agency calls it “the latest of many transformation in online hotel distribution.” Here a some points discussed: - Guaranteed profit. With a CPA model, you will not run the risk of costs soaring (like it can happen in CPC -cost-per-click- investments, especially in hotels with lower-mid costs and short-mid stays). - It does not demand a lot of control and monitoring. Due to this guaranteed cost effectiveness, you will not have to monitor it regularly, which results in not having to waste precious time. Also, the hotel does not need to manage it as a new channel because it uses the existing rates. - If you do not put your “direct sale”, an OTA like will do it instead. Simple as that. To make the most of this showcase (and TripAdvisor is one of the most powerful ones), you have two options: either you pay directly or you pay via commissions, which, in any case, will be there anyway. Get the full story at Mirai Read also "What is TripAdvisor Instant Booking and how does it work?" and "TripAdvisor Instant Booking in detail"