SideStep entered marketing partnerships with six international airlines, including Lufthansa, Air France, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, Aer Lingus and Air New Zealand.

SideStep will use a broad suite of marketing programs to drive consumers directly to the carriers' Web sites to book their travel.

Key campaign elements will include:

Targeted advertising: SideStep will feature geographically targeted offers within search results on both the Web site and the SideStep toolbar

Featured specials: SideStep will detail partners' best deals on's TravelFinds tab, which showcases notable travel bargains

Email marketing: SideStep will highlight additional travel values from the carriers via its SideStep TravelFinds email newsletters

"As we move forward in establishing Aer Lingus as a pioneer in creating a low cost, low fares carrier over the Atlantic, our sales and marketing strategies will also be evolving," said Helen Maguire, Aer Lingus' Director of Consumer Sales. "Aer Lingus' relationship with SideStep represents a key ingredient in our plans to drive a valuable set of prospective customers directly to our Web site, where they will receive the lowest Aer Lingus fares available at the time of booking. We look forward to working together."

"SideStep represents online travel's next generation, and its search engine model is well-aligned with our marketing strategy," said Marcus Casey, Lufthansa's Director of Marketing and Customer Relations, North America. "SideStep has already proven to be one of Lufthansa's top online marketing performers. By directing prospects to our Web site, SideStep not only helps us to further develop our most cost-efficient sales channel, it also enables us to forge direct relationships between travelers and our brand."

"Our customers have a strong interest in overseas travel," said Brian Barth, SideStep's CEO. "For international travel providers looking to connect directly with American consumers, SideStep delivers marketing that is both effective and efficient."