announced the launch of a new tool called FareTracker, which empowers users to better manage their trip planning process by tracking one or more flight routes over time and monitoring price changes as they occur.

FareTracker leverages the millions of searches that are happening on SideStep to find the lowest fares for any combination of flight plans with the greatest degree of date flexibility in the market today: +/- 7 days from a specified date. In addition to the ability to monitor price, users can select either weekly email updates or updates as prices change, receive an email notification if the price reaches a specified price point, and track historical fare pricing for their specific route.

Air fares tend to have the greatest price fluctuation of all travel products and services, and price is one of the biggest factors consumers consider during the purchasing process. FareTracker allows users to strategically buy airfares at the most optimal price. SideStep users can build their FareTracker from SideStep?s flight search results page, using the information in the original flight search query to pre-fill the form.

?Although travel booking has been made easier than ever before via the Internet, consumers on average still spend a great deal of time searching for the best deals,? said Brian Stolte, Director of Product Management, SideStep, Inc. ?Our new FareTracker tool picks up the bulk of that task, empowering consumers with historical pricing data, weekly updates and alerts for user-specified prices, ultimately enabling the most informed purchasing decision.?