The booking experience is the most important aspect of selling a hotel room. Statistic Brain reports that 57% of hotel bookings occur online. That is an overwhelming number. Imagine if you owned a bakery and over half of your revenue came from catering; you would certainly want to make sure your catering processes were on point. A major piece of the online booking experience is your website's homepage. Surprisingly, so many homepages are confusing and cause the guest to work too hard to book a room. Hotels need to get with the program on web design; people do not want to click on "accommodations," "amenities" or "location" and wait for a page to load. It’s not just millennials who want to easily scroll to see this information – it's all 2.3 billion smartphone users. Scrolling clearly translates well to mobile devices and provides a much simpler navigation. An effective hotel homepage will have sections that you can scroll to find the critical information you need to book a room. Visitors want to see the exterior, the rooms, qualifying data like testimonials or ratings, as well as the reservation box. This has not changed in the past decade; it's just now that it should all be on the homepage so it can be better formatted for mobile device traffic. Get the full story at Forbes