Ruairi Conroy, General Manager of SiteMinder in Galway, says, "SiteMinder remains one of the few technology providers servicing the entire EMEA region from Galway, and we are proud to be an enabler of both internationalisation and exciting career opportunities for local talent. By the end of 2017, Europe is expected to become the first continent to see offline overtaken by online as the primary booking method for travel products and today is about letting the region's hotels know SiteMinder is ready to lead them in that online adoption."1 SiteMinder announced its arrival into Galway in August, six years after opening a London office to service EMEA where the greatest proportion of the company's 23,000 hotel customers are today. With research showing that two-in-three independent hotels in Europe expect to increase direct distribution over the coming year, and with channel managers being adopted by only 39 percent of the region's independents2, SiteMinder said the rampant need for modern hotel technology across the region necessitated the creation of a second local office, in the emerging technology hub of Galway, to support its strong growth trajectory. Galway is SiteMinder's sixth office alongside Bangkok, Cape Town, Dallas, London and Sydney. Its opening coincides with the company's 10th year in business. SiteMinder's presence is already established in Ireland with a reputable customer list that includes Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel and K Club as well as The Connacht Hotel and The g Hotel and Spa in Galway. IDA Ireland's Divisional Manager of Growth Markets, Eileen Sharpe, says, "I have no doubt but that this progressive company will prosper in Galway's thriving technology ecosystem. I wish Ruairi and his team continued success here." Get the full story at SiteMinder