The partnership with HS/3 Hotelsoftware GmbH & Co. KG ("HS/3") involves the company's integration with pmsXchange – SiteMinder's plug-and-play API solution for PMS vendors – which will now relay live availabilities and rates to various booking channels (via SiteMinder) for HS/3's hotel clients, and deliver all reservations. Werner Jantos, Sales & Marketing Manager at HS/3, says he is very pleased the thorough evaluation process has resulted in a powerful and innovative channel management partnership with SiteMinder, a market leader in distribution technology. "HS/3 wanted to offer its customers the ability to connect to leading channels worldwide. We therefore decided to establish a partnership with SiteMinder," he says. "HS/3 customers can now connect their HS/3 PMS to global-leading booking sites via SiteMinder's Channel Manager. This has eliminated the need for manual and complex price adjustments, as well as manual updates of availabilities and reservations. Our customers will save a significant amount of time and costs for data maintenance, and this is a major advantage for them as it will lead to considerable increases in revenue from online bookings. We are confident that our partnership with SiteMinder will offer significant added value to HS/3 customers." Through it's category-leading product, The Channel Manager, SiteMinder is today's global leader in providing complete two-way integrations for leading PMSs, integrating with more than 80 PMSs the world over. The company's continued expansion is particularly timely for the highly-competitive hotel market in Germany, where HS/3 customers can now leverage off the HS/3-SiteMinder integration to increase their online visibility around the world. "SiteMinder is delighted to be partnering with one of the top players in the German market," says Zsuzsanna Albrecht, Business Development Manager, at SiteMinder. "This partnership will benefit not only HS/3 but its 5000-plus hotel clients who now have the potential to significantly increase their properties' revenue, streamline their business processes and drive down their cost of acquisition at a consistent pace." Related Link: SiteMinder