It usually takes marketers awhile to realize that with emerging communication techniques like e-mail, sizzle and flash for their own sake do not work — something that quality purveyors of direct mail figured out long ago.

So what does work? Which techniques in e-mail should marketers embrace or avoid? Here are six proven tips when developing e-mail campaigns:

Use an honest “From” line to engender trust. Remember when marketers gave phony names to make e-mail recipients think that a communication was coming from an individual (versus a company)? That’s dead. If a company is offering a product or service, then that company needs to state its identity. Don’t hide it. Studies show that up to 30 percent of e-mails are discarded because recipients do not know whom the e-mails are from. And keep the “From” consistent throughout a campaign.

Keep “Subject” lines short and benefit-driven (and beware spam filters). One of the biggest mistakes online marketers make is the “never-ending subject line.” Keep them to 35 characters at most (including spaces) because most people do not maximize their browsers, and many now read these lines on mobile devices.

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