The growth of social media and the need to feel some part of community is driving this trend, according to JWT’s planning foresight director Marie Stafford. Businesses recognising the trend and being inspired by P2P include easyGroup, which has launched easyCar Club, while W Hotels is working with desksnearme. The percentage of the population regarded as elderly is increasing and this will have a big impact on services, products, marketing plans and staff, as older people want to deal with staff of the same age. The upside is that the older generation is likely to have more disposable income and be healthier than their predecessors but as professor of gerontology Sarah Harper pointed out, several countries are looking at making a retirement age of 70 before the state pension is available and this wipes out a whole group of 60 plus retired travellers. Brands need to collaborate to deliver an excellent end to end customer experience and the associated trust. Chief executive of the Institute of Customer Service Jo Causon pointed out that when flying she now considers the airport and its facilities ahead of choosing an airline. The airport experience pre and post flight is formed by contact with many brands and the customer expects a seamless and positive relationship with all of them. Get the full story at MarketingWeek