In today’s increasingly global and consumer-driven travel market, brands like Skift are focusing on identifying all aspects of a traveler’s experience and linking these touchpoints to better understand how people behave and consume within the domain of travel. Skift founder and CEO Rafat Ali spoke to PSFK founder and editor-in-chief Piers Fawkes about how his intelligence platform provides media, insights and marketing on key sectors of travel, offering new perspectives on today’s travelers, their needs and how best to meet them. Piers Fawkes: You have been a pioneer in the media space over the last few years, exploring new ways to connect audiences with content and insights. Can you tell us about what you’re doing at Skift and your approach to a media business? Rafat Ali: Our approach - and my approach to my life in general, which is reflected in the companies that I have created - is going deep into a subject and exploring it as much as possible. I’m a deep-impact entrepreneur, which is reflected in the companies that I’ve created and in business media. We go very deep into a sector that has a lot of divisions in it that then we cut across by connecting the dots. For instance, when I started the first company back in 2002, in media it wasn’t very apparent why the three accepted industries - media, entertainment, information - should be looking at each other. Fifteen years later, it’s blindingly obvious. Consumers took control. The word “content” and the form factor content became the common thread across all of those businesses. In travel it’s a parallel type of philosophy: Historically, the hotel was separate from airlines, separate from destinations and separate from a lot of trades covering different parts of the travel ecosystem. We came along and went deep into the overall sector of travel, connecting the dots across airlines, online travel, hospitality, destinations, cruises, etc., with the traveler experience linking all those aspects. The traveler has obviously taken over control—this is true for pretty much every sector. Consumers are in control as a result of digital tools. Get the full story at PSFK