Skype North America's director of communication, Jennifer Caukin, said the currently ad-free SkypeFind is not ignoring the revenue opportunities presented by such a heavily used site. "At this point, there isn't any (ad-driven) revenue generation," Caukin told ClickZ. "Over time, we anticipate that traffic will build and we may add non-intrusive monetization options within SkypeFind."

Caukin said SkypeFind will be searchable by location and keyword. That means Skype users visiting a new city can use the service to get recommendations from local Skype members about area businesses.

"The Skype community is active," she said. "They're used to calling from their computers. These people are online, so if they are using some other local search or yellow pages-type service online, the whole idea of connecting to those listings is very natural to them. Bringing the idea of a community- edited collection of businesses to our own software makes lot of sense just because we have such a wide scale of users globally who are passionate about using Skype."

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