"We're in a very healthy part of the cycle," said Hilton Worldwide president and CEO Christopher Nassetta. "We'd all like to see demand growing even faster in the economy, if Washington would let loose a little bit, but the reality is the economy is growing positively, demand as a result is growing nicely and supply is rising but at the lowest levels we've seen in decades." Overall economic growth in the United States has been tepid, and the slow recovery means the lodging industry cycle will experience a "much longer recovery than we're used to," Nassetta said. Neither a demand decline nor a rapid acceleration in new supply—which he said were the only two things that would interrupt the lodging industry upswing—seem probably in the near future. Even so, two factors in particular are slowing hotel industry growth, according to the chief executives: federal spending cutbacks and sluggish group travel. Get the full story at Business Travel News Read also "Hotel Meetings Business Lags, but Set for Recovery" at CNBC