1. Reward loyal guests with incentives and extras When you offer high-valued incentives to guests, or provide tokens of appreciation for their business, you make them feel grateful and loyal to your hotel brand. Such rewards cost little to provide, and what’s more these help you develop lucrative repeat business. Here’s How: Entice guests to stay at your property again in the future by sending them an email that not only expresses your gratitude for their business, but one that also includes an attractive incentive for their next visit. How does 3 nights for the price of 2 sound? Examples of warm gestures to make your guests feel welcome at your property include treating them to a complimentary drink at your bar, leaving a nice bottle of wine in their room, or upgrading them at no extra cost. Yet, this is just the beginning. Loyalty programs aren’t limited to business and leisure travelers alone. Get the full story at Trivago