A total of 449 micro-business executives responded to the survey, which was conducted to compare their media patterns with those of traditional small business execs and average online users. The results show micro-business executives spend a median of 17 hours per week online, exceeding the overall online user's 15 hours a week and the traditional small business executive's 10 hours. And their time spent with the Web beat out all other media, including magazines and newspapers (two hours a week each), radio (five hours) and television (14 hours), according to the report.

"Because they spend more time online than other small business executives, we learned that the Internet is an extremely important method for targeting these individuals," says Sonal Gandhi, Jupiter Research analyst and lead author of the report.

Though they spend more time online, these executives are not necessarily more Web-savvy than other professionals. For example, micro-business executives do embrace some forms of social media, including reading and posting on message boards and blogs; but, according to Gandhi, this is no more than the average user.

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