By Max Starkov, CEO at HEBS Digital and Mariana Mechoso Safer, Senior VP, Marketing at HeBS Digital In this year's Top 10 Digital Marketing Resolutions, presented by HeBS Digital for the 15th consecutive year, we provide an action plan to follow during 2015. Created to help alleviate the complexity of our industry's most recent innovations, this action plan will help you concentrate on what's most important: engaging your key customer segments and increasing direct online conversions and revenues. 1. I believe that 2015 will be the Year of Dynamic Content Personalization and will personalize the visual, textual and promotional content on my property website to meet the interests and preferences of my website visitors. Situation: Since the dawn of hotel digital marketing, hotel websites have served the same content to all site visitors regardless of their preferences, demographics, and even geographic location. Every website visitor is served the exact same textual and visual content as well as promotional content in the form of special offers, packages, opening slides, marketing messages, promo tiles, and more. Dynamic Content Personalization involves the development of a Website Content Personalization Strategy and the use of 'Personalization CMS Technology' that delivers unique and relevant textual, visual and promotional content to site visitors based on their demographics, location, website pathing behavior, past booking history, guest preferences, reward program affiliation or affiliation to a particular customer segment (transient corporate travel, leisure travel, family travel planner, corporate meeting planner, SMERF group planner, wedding planner, social event planner, etc.). Why should you customize your website's content to the visitor? The more relevant (read custom, dynamic) content you deliver to your website visitor, the higher the level of engagement, conversions and revenues. The more your website can resonate with user preferences and purchasing behavior, the higher the conversions you'll see on the website. HeBS Digital's experience with hotel client websites as well as case studies from other companies shows that personalizing content, promotions and user experiences on websites results in uplifts in E-commerce sales as high as forty percent! Today, the technology to personalize content to your property's website visitors is far more reachable than ever before and hoteliers should take full advantage in 2015. Get the full story at HeBS Digital