The future of retail isn’t e-commerce or omni-channel or pop-up shops or geo-fenced flash sales. The future of retail is palm-sized. As social media consumerism cultivates a growing crop of scrappy brands, these retail entrepreneurs are skipping the computer altogether (let alone brick-and-mortar shops), instead displaying and selling products exclusively via smartphone. And the phenomenon is accelerating. Two big reasons for this entrepreneurial shift are video and Instagram (and video on Instagram). In recent years, both have had an increasingly outsized impact on how consumers shop, one that shows no signs of abating. Big retailers have grown wise to it, too, as more of them are lured away from a traditional focus on desktop transactions. Back in August 2016, Facebook Inc.-owned Instagram began letting its users click through the phone app to a brand’s retail site. It also added “Stories,” a Snapchat-like feed of temporary posts better suited for video. A few months later, Instagram let 20 select companies, including J. Crew, Macy’s and Warby Parker, tag products in Instagram posts and route people to a store link where they could “shop now.” Just like that, a virtual shopping mall was born. Get the full story at Bloomberg