Travelers on the go rely on their smartphones to book last minute hotel stays, according to Criteo’s new study “Travel Flash Report.” The study is based on Criteo’s 1,000-plus worldwide travel advertising clients, including both travel suppliers, such as airline brands, and online travel agencies (OTAs), such as travel aggregator sites. 60% of hotel bookings made off of an OTA website with less than 24 hours between the booking and check in are conducted on a smartphone, according to the study. 7% are made via tablet and 33% desktop. For hotel suppliers, 30% of their last-minute bookings on the site are made via smartphone, 11% tablet and 59% desktop. This data does not includes app bookings. In fact, as time gets shorter between when a consumer books a hotel and plans to check in, the more likely it becomes the booking will be made via a smartphone for both OTA websites and supplier websites. Get the full story at Mobile Strategies 360 Download the full report at Criteo (PDF 946 KB)