SnapShot’s Hospitality Data Platform is unique in that it isn’t tied to a specific brand or software provider. This means that every hospitality company, hotel, or hotel chain can adopt it as a solution that will collect and harmonise their data independently and securely. “We believe this is a huge step for the industry,” said Carson Booth, SnapShot’s recently appointed CEO. “CIOs for hotel brands and hospitality technology consultants have been wanting a neutral and standard data platform for years, SnapShot has built it, and it is now available for all hotel groups and chains.” With data from over 6000 hotels secure on the platform and more than 45 PMS and data partners, the platform has already proved itself a robust and secure solution. With the opening of the Data Platform to enterprise clients we’re bringing together our three pillars of Analytics, Marketplace and Data Platform. Get the full story at SnapShot