comScore has published its 2018 “EU Travel Report,” which uses multi-platform data from five European countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK) to highlight online trends impacting the travel sector, outlining key differences in consumers’ behavioural patterns. The UK leads the pack with 94 percent of its digital population visiting travel sites – the highest proportion in Europe. In contrast, that figure is 65 percent in Germany. The numbers are 67 percent, 69 percent and 86 percent for France, Italy and Spain, respectively. Compared with desktop, fewer mobile apps have reached mass-market appeal, as defined by audiences with more than one million unique visitors: 12 mobile apps reached that threshold, while 51 desktop sites did so. “’The EU Travel Report’ shows that reaching mass-market appeal on mobile apps is a challenge,” said Guido Fambach, senior vice president, EMEA at comScore. “Marketers in the travel sector still have to work with different roles of different platforms: information gathering on mobile, transactions on desktop.” Insights included in the Report include: - In January 2018, travel spending on desktop computers averaged 350 to 460 euros-per-buyer, depending on the country. - Some site categories perform better in terms of attracting heavy travel site users than others. For example, in the UK and in Germany, weather information sites are 2.7 and 2.4 times, respectively, more likely to attract heavy travel site users. Download the full report at comScore (free registration)