"The hospitality industry is evolving faster than ever, and it is imperative that hoteliers have the tools necessary to keep up," said Dr. Stefan Tweraser, CEO. "SnapShot is for hotels of all sizes. It will save hotel management teams valuable time and resources, by enabling them to track revenue, pick-up, website traffic, rate variations set by competitors, and social follower trends, all within the same intuitive, scalable platform." SnapShot Analytics offers significant benefits for hoteliers: - It is a digital platform that enables hoteliers to manage everything from revPAR to ADR and beyond. - It aggregates data from various sources like the hotel's PMS system, STR, OTA Expert, Trip Advisor, Google Analytics, and social media, all within the same platform. - It offers highly-actionable data immediately available, organized to show what is most important for the hotel, at the right time. - It gives instant access to Big Data, Small Data, structured and unstructured data, which can be used to improve sales, revenue, customer service, and more. - It eliminates the need of expensive, complex technology currently available to hoteliers to access and analyze the aforementioned data. "Access to SnapShot Analytics offers new, previously unavailable ways for hotel management teams to unlock new potential for any hotel," said Dr. Stefan Tweraser. With SnapShot Analytics, hoteliers can do anything from improving booking numbers on a given day to increasing their social following to literally transforming their businesses. Related Link: SnapShot