The startup itself was founded in spring 2016 by tech entrepreneurs Hussein Fazal, whose prior company AdParlor grew to $100+ million in revenue, then sold to AdKnowledge back in 2011; and Henry Shi, who previously built uMentioned and worked at Google, where he helped launch YouTube Music Insights. Unlike a number of chatbots on the market today, SnapTravel isn’t a fully automated solution – arguably, to its advantage. The “bot” part of the service aids with onboarding and can answer users’ simpler questions, but when things get tricky, human agents are able to step in. For example, if you booked a non-refundable hotel but your flight gets cancelled due to weather, an agent would respond to your questions and try to help, rather than leaving you to deal with an unsympathetic bot. You can also ask the agents for help with questions bots can’t handle – like if the hotel is pet-friendly, or if you can get adjoining rooms, among other things. Get the full story at TechCrunch