To better understand how user behavior is evolving, Razorfish conducted in-depth interviews with users between the ages of 18 and 34 who exhibit a high propensity for using a variety of digital platforms. We call this segment of the population the Connected Class and believe they represent a bellwether for predicting digital behavior. Here are six online behavioral changes we gleaned from this group that we think mark a major difference in how users experience the online world.

The proliferation of the digital you, which is how you express yourself through consumer empowerment, the power of self-expression, digital conversation, user-generated content and your chosen activities in online social behavior. In our research, we found the Connected Class is beginning to do more to build their digital you than we imagined. People have always shown different sides of themselves - the person you are at work is likely different from the person who rides a Harley-Davidson on weekends. But, today?s digital platforms are rapidly elevating the phenomenon of the multidimensional self. Connected users leverage every digital tool at their disposal to show who they are, where they fit, what they think and what they think of others - and the digital context plays a critical part in determining which part of themselves they show. They display different aspects of their personalities through the devices they use, games they play, and conversations they have. These choices will have significant implications for marketers in the years to come.

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