What if the incessant buzz about social media and social technologies is mostly smoke and mirrors? In the search for quick solutions, are meeting professionals missing out on the impact that social media can legitimately deliver? Many meetings have used online networks to produce good results, sometimes great results. But those successes have spawned two dangerous assumptions: that every audience will respond to one set of social media tools in the same way, and that success is about the technologies you choose, not the strategy that guides their use. The focus on bells and whistles is fed, deliberately or not, by developers who promise fabulous success to anyone who buys in to the latest software package or social media platform. It’s reinforced by consultants who perform the essential task of helping the industry keep up with social technologies, but ends up feeding a desperate sense of inadequacy for people who try their best, but lack the time and resources to keep up. Get the full story at Corporate Meetings & Incentives