India took the number one spot with 98% of the market having used social media during their holiday planning and once returning home; 95% in South Korea; 84% in the USA and 77% in Germany. Almost 70% of all respondents said content posted online by friends made them want to visit a destination. The influence of photos was highest in India where 81% agreed that seeing their friends’ travel photos made them want to visit the same place – followed closely by South Korea (76%) and the USA (68%). When it comes to choosing Britain as a holiday destination, the research found that social media plays a key role in the decision-making process with Facebook the main go-to source for respondents in all stages of the holiday-making process – particularly when deciding to visit Britain (44%). Meanwhile Twitter was most commonly used for seeking suggestions and advice while on holiday and Instagram was used most by people wanting to plan their trip or share their experiences – though to a lesser extent than the other platforms. Read the full report to find out more. Get the full story at VisitBritain and download the full report at VisitBritain (PDF 3.2 MB)