Just as you create branding guidelines and key messaging guides, so too should you dedicate time to creating your social media personality. There are multiple combinations that you can use to increase your brand visibility and converse with your customers.

Don?t want the worst day of your life to be played over and over again like Groundhog Day? Then don?t talk, share, Tweet or write about it via social media. That said, no one is happy, or perfect all of the time. It?s okay to let people into the ?real? events which happen in your life. Social media for business is about return on engagement. Connect with people, build opportunities through dialogue which would not have otherwise occurred, then connect them with your business.

Think in terms of ?bad driver just cut me off? instead of ?just got served papers for a lawsuit.? The first example connects people and encourages dialogue. Who hasn?t been cut off by a bad driver? The second example has the potential to make people uncomfortable or turn them ?off? to your brand.

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