In his opening keynote at No Vacancy, Fogel (Priceline’s EVP of corporate development) urged the hoteliers in the audience to not invest in social media. His rationale was that even though consumers are spending a lot of time on social media, “no one views the ads and no one likes to be interrupted“.

In a later session, Toga Hospitality CEO Rachel Argaman provided a live challenge to Fogel. She was extremely bullish about social media and her company’s investment in the channel. As I reported in a tweet, she said: “Social media is here to stay. Future is websites inside Facebook“.

Last years PhoCusWright Conference provided an exchange of quips between Kayak CEO Steve Hafner and former Expedia CEO Rich Barton on social media. Hafner described social media as Overhyped. Barton called it Underhyped. Like No Vacancy, these hugely disparate views on an internet force drove hours of conference and Twitter chatter.

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