As social media or digital channels continue to grow in terms of consumer usage and marketing power, hotels need to switch their perception of these avenues as social channels and start treating these as sophisticated business avenues. To do that, hotels should: - Use business metrics vs. social metrics by evaluating the value of a “like”, “share”, or “follow” – measuring the number of each of these social metrics is meaningless unless it can be connected to a larger business goal. - Know your target audience and fine-tune your hotel’s social media strategy to attract quality vs. quantity. Having a million unengaged followers who don’t ever plan to visit your area is worthless compared to 100 highly engaged followers that are most likely to book a stay at your hotel. - Make use of data from social channels to effectively target your audience based on their preferences. This allows hotels to minimize cost and maximize marketing effectiveness. - Identify and assign social agents at the property who can provide a robust exposure across all marketing channels. Get the full story at MileStone