Perhaps more interesting is the fact that people are as likely to return to social media after they have visited the site. Travel sites are part of a social media experience online and brands should do more to capitalise on this behaviour. The latest L2 Digital IQ Index for travel report evaluates the 'digital competency' of brands in the travel industry, from their own site, to their digital marketing, mobile experience and use of social media. Airlines lead the pack (with Delta, Southwest and American Airlines taking the top three spots) and hotels chains follow. This is no surprise given that nearly half of airline bookings are made online and big efforts have been made to use Twitter and Facebook for customer service in some parts of the airline industry. However, the main message coming out of this report is the role of social media in the travel booking process, and the work that those in the industry could still do to get greater value from this. The analysis of traffic to and from the main sites for the travel brands in the study shows clearly the role social media plays in the users journeys online: - For 78% of sites, social media was a top eight source of referral traffic, and overall 7% of traffic to travel sites came from social media. - For 90% of sites, social media was a top destination site after visiting their site (accounting for 11% of downstream traffic overall). This reinforces what we see from the way people use social media when researching, choosing booking travel online. Social is a key part of how customers experience travel online and social media sites are contributing significantly to the success travel brands are seeing online. Get the full story at Econsultancy