For the past several years, industry insiders have been warning corporate travel managers that they ignore social media at their own risk. That warning seems to be resonating as increasing numbers of travel professionals say they see the value of social media sites as a way to enhance a corporate travel programme. According to the results of a spring 2011 survey conducted by AirPlus International, 59 percent of those surveyed believe social media helps travel managers understand what is most important to travellers and anticipate their needs, a significant jump from the 41 percent who said the same in a similar AirPlus survey last year. However, that knowledge doesn’t always translate to concrete action in supplier choices: 42 percent said social media sites help travel managers select partners based on information shared by travellers, leaving a gap of 17 percent between understanding needs and using that information to determine partners, according to the latest edition of The Wire…from AirPlus. There were also leaps in perceptions of benefits to travellers: two-thirds of those surveyed (66 percent) believe that social media sites increase traveller satisfaction through real-time knowledge sharing—up 18 percent from last year. And 40 percent believe such sites encourage and improve traveller camaraderie and morale, more than double the 19 percent who said the same last year. Get the full story at EyeForTravel