Are you using Linkedin, the world's largest professional network site, as a sales tool for your hotel? Many hoteliers are using Facebook and Twitter - but, keep in mind that each social network solves different business goals and has its own unique online community. What does this mean for hoteliers? Well, this means that you can attract consumers on Facebook and Twitter, while attracting business partners and potential employees on Linkedin. Why Linkedin? Linkedin has 175 million users who all have a similar goal - making valuable professional connections. Social selling via Linkedin is made easy through similar connections. What does social selling mean anyway? Social selling means discovering and connecting with leads, clients, and/or customers via social media. What makes Linkedin different is the professional focus and connection filters. You can network with users with similar backgrounds, employers, colleagues, clients, industry, and groups of interest. It's shocking how many hoteliers fail to take advantage of the countless business opportunities available via Linkedin. Other than sharing hospitality news and making connections with industry experts, you can sell your hotel on Linkedin. This upcoming year brings the perfect opportunity to begin a social selling strategy via Linkedin. Social selling will require users to optimize their Linkedin profile, create strategic alliances, search for sales opportunities, craft creative messages, build relationships, and follow up on their connections. Get the full story at eHotelier